Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia) is an independent (non-government and not for profit oriented) organization that is fully committed to public education in applying environmental best practices and facilitating the sustainable transformation of the building industry. GBC Indonesia aims to transform the market and disseminate it to the public and society in building sector to apply green building principles. In achieving its goals, GBC Indonesia collaborates with players in the building sector including professionals in the construction sector, the building material industry, property developers, government through the BUMN sector, educational & research institutions, professional associations, and other environmental organizations.

GBC Indonesia has four main activities including market transformation, education & training, green building certification based on a unique Indonesian assessment tool called Greenship or a certification program in collaboration with other independent organizations, as well as collaborative programs with stakeholders

GBC Indonesia is an established member of the World GBC and the only green building council organization in Indonesia that is globally recognized.

Board of Director

Iwan has been appointed as Chairperson of GBC Indonesia on October 2018. Iwan who is also the Core Founder of GBC Indonesia continues to dedicate himself to the development of GBC Indonesia both as an executive management or as a training instructor and assessor for GBC Indonesia. Iwan has involved in green building transformation activities. among them is as Chairperson of the IABHI (Indonesian Association of Green Building Experts) for the period 2015-2018. Iwan is a Bachelor of Architecture from Parahyangan Catholic University, and a Master of Business Administration from PPM College of Management

Budi has dedicated himself to assist GBC Indonesia since 2009 as Finance Director in his busy schedule at PT. Surya Toto Indonesia, a company that continues to be committed to supporting the development of green building in Indonesia through its water-efficient sanitary products and also the implementation of GREENSHIP Certification at the main office of PT. Surya Toto Indonesia in Jakarta. Budi completed his education in the field of Company Economics at Jayabaya University, Jakarta in 1985 and received a diploma of Accounting–ICCT, in Sydney, Australia in 1990.

Jimmy's dedication to GBC Indonesia began when he was part of Core Founder and then became actively involved as board of director and training instructor as well as a GBC Indonesia assessor. His daily activities are as an academic, technical reviewers and resource persons at ministries and government institutions related to building management

Jimmy is a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Trisakti University, Diploma in Teaching Deed V from the Institute of Teacher Training and Education (IKIP) / Terbuka University, and Master of Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, as well as a Doctoral program in Sustainable Development Management at Trisakti & Colorado State Universities University,

Gede has been actively assisting GBC Indonesia as Legal and HRD Director since 2009 in line with the spirit of Springhill Group in supporting the green building movement in Indonesia. In addition, Gede has also been active in the REI (Real Estate Indonesia) organization since January 2019 as Deputy Chairman.

Gede completed his education in the field of Law (civil) at the University of Surabaya, Surabaya. In 1989 and obtained his Master of Business Law, West Coast Institute of Management & Technology in Perth, Australia in 2000.

Prasetyoadi is an architect who currently serves as Managing Director, Architect / Planner / Urban Designer at PT. Pandega Weharima Design (PT. PDW).

He is active in several international and national organizations including the Asia Pacific Network - WorldGBC and the National Board of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI). Prasetyoadi is also active as a member of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Building Expert Team in the field of Architecture and Cities

Prasetyoadi completed his Bachelor of Architectural Engineering education at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1995 and received a Master of Urban Development and Design, The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia in 1998. In 2004, Prasetyoadi completed Lead (Leadership on Environment and Development) Fellowship Program Indonesia, Sustainability Studies.

The formation of Board of Director and Steering Board is in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights

No. AHU-0001846.AH.01.08.TAHUN 2021

Organization Structure

Steering Board

Chairperson of Executive Board (Board of Director) and Steering Board for the period 2021-2024 according to the legal document of the Deed of Minutes of the Extraordinary Founding Council Meeting No. 11, September 24, 2021