GREENSHIP Rating Tools Neighborhood

GREENSHIP Neighborhood (NH)

GREENSHIP Rating Tools Neighborhood

GREENSHIP Neighborhood is a certification system intended to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly area for its users, with a wider scope than the scale of buildings that see the interaction between buildings, nature, and people. GREENSHIP Neighborhood can be used for Residential, Central Business District, Industrial Estate assessment, either on a small or large scale.

GREENSHIP Neighborhood Certification consists of two (2) types:

1.  PLAN

At this stage, the project team gets the opportunity to get an award for the project at the finalization stage of design and planning based on the GREENSHIP assessment device. This type of certification is for areas that are still in the planning stages.



For projects that have been built and/or are already in operation. The technology is considered thoroughly both in terms of design, construction and operation; to determine the overall performance of the region.

The GREENSHIP Neighborhood Assessment System consists of Eligibility provisions and 7 Assessment Categories those are:

1. Land Ecological Enhancement (LEE)

2. Movement and Connectivity (MAC)

3. Water Management and Conservation (WMC)

4. Solid Waste and Material (SWM)

5. Community Wellbeing Strategy (CWS)

6. Building and Energy (BAE)

7. Innovation and Future Development (IFD)

The GREENSHIP Neighborhood certification system has a maximum of 124 points.

Eligibility GREENSHIP Neighborhood (NH)

Before starting the certification process, the Project must meet the eligibility set by Green Building Council Indonesia those are:


GBC Indonesia is currently finalizing the newest version of GREENSHIP NEIGHBORHOOD (V.1.1) and now currently looking for pilot project. The certification process can be seen in the flowchart below.

1. If a project is interested to certify the neighborhood, there is GREENSHIP Neighborhood v. 1.0 that was published and ready for certification process.

2. If a project wishes to take part as a pilot project for GREENSHIP Neighborhood v.1.1, please contact GBC Indonesia to arrange a workshop session or discussion about the certification process. If a project has not appointed a Green Building Consultant and/or a Greenship Professional (GP) among the team, please contact GBC Indonesia for initial discussion before proceeding to the next step. It is HIGHLY recommended to involve or hire a Green Building Consultant and/or a GP in your team. List of certified GP is available here

3. If a project has already appointed a Green Building Consultant and/or GP, it is recommended to do self-assessment using the summary of GREENSHIP NEIGHBORHOOD v1.1 (please contact GBCI and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement). The pre-assessment result will be reviewed by GBC Indonesia and the project will be informed whether or not the project is eligible for Pilot Project NH 1.1. If a project failed to meet the criteria to be Pilot Project V1.1, Please refer to Summary of GREENSHIP NEIGHBORHOOD V.1.0 and directly register for certification through with the newest price list below.

4. A project that is eligible to be the pilot project of GREENSHIP Neighborhood v.1.1 will sign a MoU with GBC Indonesia and proceed to the certification process with particular price applied for pilot project only.

The potential pilot project must meet the eligibility V1.1 criteria, minimum targeting GOLD, and has distinctive function and/or mixed-use.

Download summary of GREENSHIP Neighborhood Ver 1.0

Download summary of Certification Flow and Pricing GREENSHIP NB Pilot Project Ver 1.1 (ID)