GREENSHIP Rating Tools New Building

GREENSHIP New Building (NB)

GREENSHIP Rating Tools New Building

GREENSHIP New Building is a building certification system intended for new buildings that concerns with building design and construction. In this certification the project team is given the opportunity to create a comprehensive green building with innovative and creative approaches and ideas from the design to the operational stage.

Types of projects that can be certified into GREENSHIP New Building:

1. A new building on vacant land.

2. A renovation project with 90% activities of mechanical electrical renovation and structural renovation.

3. A new building on land within an integrated area.


The GREENSHIP New Building certification system has two (2) stages of assessment:

1. Design Recognition Stage (DR), with a maximum score of 77 points.

At this stage, the project team has the opportunity to receive a provisional award for the project at the final design and planning stage based on the GREENSHIP assessment tool. This stage starts as long as the building is still in the planning stage.

2. Final Assessment Stage (FA), with a maximum value of 101 points.

At this stage, the project is thoroughly assessed from both design and construction aspects and is the final stage that determines the overall performance of the building.


The GREENSHIP New Building certification system consists of Eligibility provisions and 6 assessment categories those are:

1. Appropriate Site Development (ASD)

2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC)

3. Water Conservation (WAC)

4.  Material Resources and Cycle (MRC)

5.  Indoor Health and Comfort (IHC)

6.  Building and Environmental Management (BEM)

Each category consists of several criteria containing Prerequisite, Credit Point, and Bonus Point.

Eligibility Provisions of GREENSHIP New Building (NB)

Before starting the certification process, the Project must meet the eligibility provisions determined by GBC Indonesia. The eligibilities include:

1. Minimum building area is 2500 m2.

2. The willingness of building management to submit green building certified data to be accessed by GBC Indonesia.

3. The function of the building is in accordance with the land designation based on the forged RTRW.

4. Ownership of AMDAL and/or Environmental Management Effort (UKL)/Environmental Monitoring Effort (UPL) plans.

5. Compliance of the building with safety standards for fire protection.

6. Conformity of buildings to earthquake resistance standards.

7. Conformity of the building to the disabled accessibility standards.

Download summary of GREENSHIP New Building Ver 1.2