GREENSHIP Rating Tools Homes


Greenship Rating Tools Homes

A home is a building that is used as a residence for a certain period. An appropriate home should be meet the basic requirements such as safety, minimum area, and healthy. There are some aspects to be considered to become an eco-friendly home or green home. It should be wise in land use, water and energy efficiency, conservation of materials and resources, as well as the health and wellbeing of its occupants. The maintenance of the green home is the main factor for its sustainability. Occupants must understand the correct concept of a green home to avoid the notion that a green home requires high maintenance costs or a home that only has a lot of green space.


Types of houses that can be assessed are:

1. Single landed dwelling house, which is a single residential house built attached to the ground.

2. New houses, existing houses, and redevelopment houses.

The GREENSHIP Homes assessment system consists of Eligibility provisions and 6 assessment categories those are:

1. Appropriate Site Development (ASD)

2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC)

3. Water Conservation (WAC)

4. Material Resources and Cycle (MRC)

5. Indoor Health and Comfort (IHC)

6. Building and Environmental Management (BEM)

Each category consists of several criteria containing Prerequisite, Credit Point, and Bonus Point. The GREENSHIP Homes assessment system has a maximum of 77 points.

Eligibility GREENSHIP Homes

Before starting the certification process, the Project must meet the eligibility provisions determined by GBC Indonesia. The eligibilities include:

1. Building has less than four floors (excluding basement/semi-basement) with a minimum of 70% of the floor area is used as residence.

2. Minimum occupied by one (1) person continuously as permanent residents.

3. Possess an IMB document.

4. There will be no change in function for three years certification period.

5. Meet all prerequisites in GREENSHIP Homes.

6. Willingness to sign an agreement letter that allows all building data to be studied by GBC Indonesia in a case study.

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